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- Introduction:

Finques Ribera is a company dedicated to the real estate mediation. Our work need to be up to date of the market prices, its constants alterations, its legislation, values, etc. That's why we can advise you reliably and safety.

- Working:  
The Finques Ribera operating is based in the concept of specialization, complete service, and personalized customer service. these three concepts has provided us a supported growth of our customers as well as their fidelity from our beginning.
- History:  
Finques Ribera, and with a previous experience of 10 years into the real estate world, started his activity in April 1.996, with a constant growth of his customers until the current situation. This constant growth have not change the way to work of the company, taking on board the three concepts that are the first premise of the good working of our services.

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